John Carney’s new Dublin-based film gets Sundance premiere

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The Sundance Film Festival is set to premiere the most anticipated and historic film of John Carney’s “Flora and Son”.

Flora and son is the latest film added to John Carney’s list. The movie “Flora and Son” stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Eve Hewson, and Jack Reynor.

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John Carney’s film will be premiered on January 22 at an entirely in-person festival for the first time since the pandemic.

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Here’s the Sundance synopsis:

“Flora, a young mother living in Dublin, lost touch with aspiration long ago. She juggles a sustenance-necessitated childcare job and a fraught co-parenting arrangement with her unkind ex as she tries to raise her son, Max.

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“Flora and Max’s brash rapport is both hilarious and revealing of their struggle to understand each other – she searches for autonomy and self-love masquerading as selfishness, while his longing for independence and self-expression manifests as delinquency.

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“When the two connect over a twice-discarded used guitar, the uniting power of music brings them closer than what simple proximity can provide.

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“In Carney’s signature melodic style, ‘Flora and Son’ is charming, uplifting, and musically dazzling. A high-energy performance from Hewson and her oceans-crossing chemistry with her online guitar teacher (Gordon-Levitt) bring sweeping romance with an Irish punch to this buoyant piece.”


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