Kalybos & His Manager Chilling And Speaking Chinese After Being Arrested In China| Most Hilarious Video

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Ghbase.com exclusively reported to you some few days ago that Kalybos together with his manager were arrested in China for breaking a law.

The arrest was for reasons, that they shot one of their scenes at a local festival that was ongoing without a Chinese escort. 

You can read that article here again 

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Kalybos Was Arrested In China For Breaking Their Law

They were released after some few minutes and they were so excited, they didn’t get to spend a night in police cells. After their arrest, they decided to record this video of themselves having some fun in China. It’s very hilarious and we just couldn’t stop watching it.

Watch Kalybos and his Manager, Kofi Asamoah chilling in China and you would learn some one or two Chinese languages from them.

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The movie “Kalybos in China” is set to be premiered on the 3rd of April, 2015 at the West Hills Mall and Accra Mall. Tickets are selling at a cool 30ghc, so make sure to grab one and you will get the chance to take pictures with Kalybos, Ahuof3 Patri, John Dumelo, Nikki Samonas, Christabel Ekeh, Kofi Asamoah, David Dontoh and all the other cast from the movie


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