Thursday, November 26, 2020

It’s Over! Kalybos Officially Announces He’s Left His Manager Kofi Asamoah’s Company To Chase His Own Dream & Confirms Ahoufe Patri Left Several Months Ago–Full Story

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Kalybos has officially revealed that, he’s no longer under the management of Kofi Asamoah. Ahuofe Patri who was also under the management of Kofi Asamoah left his company, Kofas Media several months ago, but they decided to keep things cool and not blow it up in the media although there were several rumors that suggested so back then.

Kalybos who was speaking in an interview with Zionfelix on “Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix” confirmed the news to the blogger, when he was asked if indeed the rumour that he had parted ways with Kofi Asamoah was true.

The trio met while at NAFTI and they shot into fame with their funny skits “Adventures OF Kalybos” under Boys Kasa and has since worked on producing 3 mega-hit movies, that broke cinema records. They shot, Kalybos In China, Amkaye & Dede and John & John and each of these movies were the biggest in the respective years, they were released.

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Kalybos also confirmed that Ahoufe Patri was the first to break out from the group and has been under a different management since she left. Kalybos has now also abandoned Kofi Asamoah’s Kofas Media which used to manage him and Ahoufe Patri.

Kalybos has revealed in an interview that he’s no longer under the management of Kofi Asamoah likewise Ahoufe Patri

When asked for the reasons why he decided to leave Kofas Media, he was tight-lipped on the matter and denied an assertion made by the blogger that, there were rumours that Kofi was not giving them a fair share of the profits made from their movies.

Your favorite entertainment blog, also spoke to Kofi Asamoah to inquire from him, why Kalybos decided to leave his company and he said that it was about time because Kalybos also wanted to own his own company.

“We have been working since 2011 and now it’s about time, man. Kalybos has his own company now which is good and he’s making progress”

Kalybos had mentioned in his interview with Zionfelix that, although he was no longer under the management of Kofi Asamoah, he’s still very close with his former manager, likewise Ahoufe Patri, so we asked Kofi Asamoah if it was indeed true and he responded in the affirmative and added that, he would still be using Kalybos and Ahoufe in his 4th movie, which he would produce this year.

A Photo From The Premiere OF Their First Movie, Kalybos In China

Well, I think it gets to a point where we would all want to go our separate ways in life and chase our dreams right?

Kalybos since leaving Kofas Media has started his comedy skits again on Youtube and still features Ahoufe Patri in them and recently premiered his movie, “Asylum Down”

Kofi Asamoah told that, he still manages Yaw Dabo.

Watch the full interview of Kalybos on Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix.


Kalybos and Ahuofe Patri

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