Kanye West to release gospel album titled ‘Jesus is King’

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Kanye West has been holding ‘church services’ on Sundays. He puts quite a number of singers together and they sing beautiful songs throughout. He is set to a new album soon. It’s titled ‘God is king’

Kanye West has turned his Sunday Services into a worldwide phenomenon. The hip-hop church services started off as something small and intimate but grew into much more.

The services extended to huge festivals such as Coachella. It even made pop-up appearances in different cities across the world and as of lately Ye’ took his services to a Megachurch in Atlanta, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

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His wife, Kim Kardashian spoke about the inspiration behind the church in the first place. During an appearance on The View, she reveals “Kanye started this, I think, just to heal himself,” Kim stated.

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“It was a real personal thing, and it was just friends and family, and he has had an amazing evolution of being born again and being saved by Christ. People always ask, ‘Well, what are you worshipping?’ Or, ‘What is this?’ It is a Christian service, like a musical ministry. They talk about Jesus and God.”

She did state that Kanye’s church endeavours is more of a “music” thing right now. “For the most part, it’s just a musical ministry,” she said.

“[Kanye] doesn’t have his 501(c)(3) yet to make it an official church, but it is for God and it is a Christian church.”

She continued, “It started off healing for him and it’s become something that he really wants to share for everybody else.”

Now- will you be here for a hip-hop gospel album? Sources confirmed that Ye’ will, in fact, be dropping an album on September 27th. The album is entitled ‘Jesus Is King.”

Although no singles have been released as of yet, the title is reminiscent of Kanye West’s Jesus Walks’ single which was released in 2004. The song details Kanye’s battle with what he should rap about. Should he stay true to his faith or rap lyrics that guarantees him radio play? “So here go my single, dog, radio needs this / They say you can rap about anything except for Jesus / That means guns, sex, lies, videotapes / But if I talk about God my record won’t get played, huh?”

It seems like Ye’ is back in his College Dropoutbag with this new album. A lot of fans are sceptical on this new album as you can remember, Kanye was supposed to release an album titled YANDHI back in 2018. The album went unheard and it looks like fans won’t let Ye’ live this one down. One fan commented on the announcement of his new album, “he’s done this like 10 times he announces album delays it scraps the entire album and releases it with maybe two or three songs he did it with ye remember swish and so help me god before top now he’s doing it again.”

Let’s hope we get J.I.K this time around.

While we wait- let’s jump into our The Life of Pablobag and get our hip-hop praise on with a few songs that Kanye took us to church on!

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