Kathryn Hamm Net Worth; How Much Is The Author Worth?

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With writers earning quite a lot of money for sharing their thoughts and educating people on various topics of concern to people, it makes you wonder what Kathryn Hamm net worth is as a writer advocating for a subject many people find controversial.

Money is central to everyone’s career and Kathryn Hamm’s is no different. Today, we decide to, among everything, look at the net worth of Kathryn Hamm. How much money has she raked in for her writing career so far?

Before we digest Kathryn Hamm net worth, let’s take some time to look at who she is. Who Kathryn Hamm is is contained in the profile summary below.

Kathryn Hamm Biography

Kathryn Hamm Net Worth
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The net worth of Kathryn Hamm is important but just as important is for us to know who she is and her struggles in becoming who she is today.

Contained in this biography of her are her educational background, her career, her family and other things you may not have known or heard much about.

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Who is Kathryn Hamm?

Kathryn Hamm is the chief operations officer of The Cook Political Report in the United States, as well as the publisher of GayWeddings.com and an education specialist for WeddingWire.

Kathryn was born on June 2, 1969, in Dallas, Texas, in the United States. Nothing is known about her parents, siblings, or childhood.

Educational Background and Career of Kathryn Hamm

Kathryn Hamm net worth would not be a big deal for people but for her interesting career which is why we have brought that in to give you a heads up and how things began for the American author.

After graduating from Greenhill School in Addison, Texas, Kathryn went to Princeton University, where she was the leading season scorer for the University women’s soccer team as a freshman.

She graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) in Psychology and Catholic University with a Master of Social Work (M.S.W.). She formerly worked in the Washington, D.C. area as a teacher and supervisor.

A Bachelor’s Degree, as well as a Master’s Degree, set her up for an interesting career and she certainly has had quite a good one.

Kathryn Hamm Net Worth || Career

Kathryn Hamm Net Worth

Kathryn’s mother, Gretchen Hamm founded her company in 1999 after growing upset with the lack of appropriate wedding accessories available as she prepared a commitment ceremony with her female partner.

The company, which ultimately became known as Gayweddings.com, featured thank-you notes in both “femme” and “butch” styles, as well as extravagant wedding proclamations.

Gretchen Hamm’s business was taken over by Kathryn Hamm near the end of 2006, allowing her mother to devote more time to lobbying for equal rights for same-sex couples.

Hamm began delivering ‘Gay Weddings 101’ wedding-planning courses in places such as Chicago, Boston, and Washington, D.C.

In 2010, Hamm formed a business partnership with Catie Curtis, a singer-songwriter from the United States, to serve as a wedding officiant for GayWeddings.com and assist same-sex couples in constructing their own ceremonies.

The net worth of Kathryn Hamm is the subject of this write-up but just as important is who Kathryn Hamm husband is. We did promise you everything there is to know about her and not just Kathryn Hamm net worth only. So who is her husband? Is she married at all?

Kathryn Hamm Husband

Kathryn Hamm husband

Her long-term partner was Amy Walter, a political analyst, with whom she married in 2013.

The couple adopted a son after their marriage. Kathryn and Amy’s adoptive son’s name is Caleb. Caleb’s background is a mystery.

Kathryn Hamm Net Worth

What has been the woman’s net worth over the years?

Kathryn Hamm net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. Her earnings as an author account for a large amount of her total income.


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