Young boy and his little brother punished by their single mother after they mistakenly used her phone to order 86-inch TV

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A young boy and his little brother have faced the wrath of their mother after they inadvertently ordered a large plasma TV with her mobile phone from an online shop.

The 86inches telly was subsequently delivered to their home without anyone’s permission or instruction.

A video posted on social media shows the moment they were made to serve punishment in the garage for going ahead with the order without asking their mother’s permission in the first place.

The angry woman asked them to put their heads on a car while pointing out how wrong it was for them to order the TV without asking for permission.

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The younger one was sobbing the loudest as he asks for forgiveness in between his tears.

”You ordered this on my phone? without asking. Do you even know how much this was,” she interrogated them.

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