Kim Kardashian Schools Harvard Students During Surprise Visit

Kim Kardashian reportedly visited the Havard Business School on Friday as a guest lecturer as she lectures students.

Kim Kardashian showed up as the guest lecturer for the fourth-annual installment of the “Moving Beyond Direct-to-Consumer” session led by entrepreneurs.

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The visit of Kim Kardashian came as a surprise to both staff and students most of whom were unaware she and SKIMS co-founder Jens Grede would be in attendance for the event.

Kim Kardashian was dressed in a wide-leg pinstripe black pantsuit and black leather trench coat with pointy-toed boots. When she arrived at the Harvard School, Kim Kardashian was basically whisked inside the building as she toured around.

She then joined the classroom session and discussed her various business ventures with the students who were excited to see her.

“She talked about what she’d been working on and this new private equity firm and SKIMS,” one attendee said. She was sitting off to the side but was still involved with the lecture.”

When she was done with her touring and lectures at Harvard she proceeded to leave Kim caught the eyes of waiting cameras but still made time to greet fans and followers.

“She really looked just like she did on TV. she was stunning, and it was exactly how she’s pictured. That’s exactly what she looks like,” the source added. “When she was leaving, she waved at us and said hi as she was walking out.”

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