Kim Petras net worth: How rich is Kim Petras?

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Kim Petras is a German singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, California.

Kim Petras age

Kim Petras biography

North Rhine-Cologne Westphalia’s is where Petras was born. Her father is an architect, her mother is a choreographer and artist, and her older sister is also a performer. [Reference needed] At birth, she was given a male gender.

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Petras, who was 13 at the time, made an appearance on a German news program in 2006 and spoke about her medical gender transition.

Petras made an appearance in a documentary and a talk show at the age of 14 in an effort to seek approval for an early sex reassignment procedure at the age of 16, before Germany’s legal minimum age of 18. As a result of these appearances, her transition was covered by foreign media, which hailed her as the “youngest transsexual in the world.”

She served as the face of a German network of hair salons in September 2007. At the age of 16, Petras underwent gender confirmation surgery after receiving approval from Dr Bernd Meyenburg, chief of the mental section at Frankfurt Hospital. Petras reported in November 2008 that the procedure was successful.

What is Kim Petras net worth?

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Petras has an estimated net worth of around $4 million dollars.


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