Kim Potter Husband: Is Kim Potter Married?

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If you are Kim Potter husband, you will not be the proudest husband today after news of the former Cop Kim Potter, who fatally shot Daunte Wright, being released from prison. But is the former Cop married to anyone?

In this article, we pry open this subject in a bid to find out who her husband is and how things have been for them.

The former Minnesota police officer was given a two-year sentence for manslaughter, serving 16 months of it.

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According to CNN, the Minnesota Department of Corrections said that Potter was released on Monday.

According to Minnesota law, the remainder of her sentence will be served on supervised release through December.

The former officer will reside in Wisconsin, according to Potter’s counsel to CNN.

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After her release, Kim Potter husband will be able to see her and her children will also be able to see her.

The family might be happy but some people are not particularly enthused about her release.

Daunte Wright’s mother, Katie, in particular, is not the least happy about the release of Kim Potter from prison at this time.

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“Some say I should forgive to be at peace but how can I? I am so angry. She is going to be able to watch her kids have kids and be able to touch them,” Katie Wright said, adding, “I am always scared I am going to forget my son’s voice. It gave us some sense of peace knowing she would not be able to hold her sons. She has two. I can’t hold my son.”

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So, although Kim Potter husband and children will be happy, the family of the slain Daunte Wright is certainly not happy.

The Killing Of Daunte Wright?

On April 11, 2021, Potter fatally shot Wright after the unarmed 20-year-old Black man was stopped for expired registration plates and the Minnesota police noticed an air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror, which is against the law.

The officers attempted to arrest Wright when they discovered that there was a misdemeanor warrant out for his arrest.

Daunte Wright can be seen attempting to get back into his car on body camera footage.

After a struggle, Potter can be heard yelling “Taser,” but she instead pointed her gun toward Wright and shot him to death.

Despite being found guilty of first- and second-degree manslaughter, which carries a maximum term of nine years in jail, the judge only gave Potter an 18-month sentence, with the final three months being spent on supervised release contingent upon good behavior. Potter was also hit with a $1,000 fine.

Judge Regina Chu argued that Potter “never intended to hurt anyone. Her conduct cries out for a sentence significantly below the guidelines.”

Wright’s father Aubrey described the penalty as “a slap on the wrist” outside the court.

This has been the background of the whole story. So who is Kim Potter husband?

Kim Potter Husband: Who Did She Marry?

The former Minnesota officer is married with children. Kim Potter husband is Jeff Potter, with whom she reportedly has two sons.

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According to 44Bars, Kim Potter husband, Jeff Potter a retired police officer, whom she met while in high school.

They reportedly met when Kim Potter was only 15 years.

From June 1990 to February 2017, Jeff Potter reportedly served as a police officer in Fridley, Anoka County, Minnesota. He gained experience in several departments and roles during his employment.

From May 2005 through September 2008, he served as a detective with the Anoka/Hennepin Narcotics and Violent Crimes Task Force.

He served as a task force officer for the Minneapolis Drug Enforcement Administration from October 2008 to September 2011.


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