Kontihene Calls Bulldog A Junky, Stupid, A Lazy Adabraka Dog With Bad Breath | Here’s How His Beef With Bull Started

You might have heard of the beef that started between Bulldog and Kontihene in the studios of Happy Fm yesterday. Well, if you missed out on the drama, we would let you in.

Kontihene was in the studios of Happy Fm, yesterday ( 28th May,2016) to promote his new song “Omaame, Opaapa” on Dr. Cann’s Showbiz Xtra. During the interview, he ( Kontihene) mentioned that, Papi of 5Five fame snatched a mic from him some years ago, when he was rehearsing for a show. According to him, Papi was very disrespectful to him. 

“While I was doing my sound check… This little boy came on stage to snatch the mic from me. When these children grow and start suffering, it’s because of these type of stupid behaviors that cause it.” he said

He went ahead to mention that, he later realized 5Five was supposed to rehearse after he had finished. “Pappy of 5Five, I don’t think he can do music again. He is very stupid” he angrily added.

Kontihene who was very angry, also revealed that, he was much surprised Papi did such a thing and what was even more annoying was that, BullDog who was his manager at the time, threatened to beat him (Kontihene) up.

Now Bulldog who was also in the studios of Happy Fm when Kontihene was making all of these revelations got angry and verbally assaulted him with unprintable adjectives. He even used his former friend and artiste, Shatta Wale’s infamous “Wu Maame T**” on live radio to insult Kontihene. We learned he apologized after doing so.

Kontihene who was boiling with so much anger, run out of the studio, reports say.

But the drama didn’t just end in the studios, Bulldog in a post on his Facebook page said Kontihene’s career won’t be resurrected.

He wrote:

#‎KONTIHENE or #‎CONTINENT or whatever you call yourself, if you say you are the reason #‎Papiof5Five is struggling with his musical career, then I will be the reason why your dead career won’t be resurrected! #‎WMT!

Remember I’m not God though! #‎grateful #‎thywillbedone #‎killdemwithlove#‎sikanhyira

bulldog insults kontihene

It appears the post above coupled with the insults he rained on him on live radio has angered Kontihene so much that, in a series of post on his Facebook page, he’s called Bull Dog, a junky, stupid, a clown, aimless, a muderer and a whole lot. He even said, Bull Dog has a bad breath.

See screenshots from Kontihene’s timeline to Bulldog.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 10.58.08 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 10.57.58 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 10.57.39 AM

Well, things are getting ugly. We would bring you more updates on this story. Meanwhile, you can listen Kontihene’s Omame, Opaapa below.  Share your sentiments on this story in our comments box below. Do subscribe to our email for latest entertainment news updates.


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