Krobo women are truly prostitutes – Prophet Badu Kobi defends Sarkodie (+ video

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Historically, Krobo citizens were angry over what they call a deliberate attempt by rapper Sarkodie to denigrate them and their women via song.

The song, titled Jennifer Lomotey, was composed by one Kurl Songx and featured Sarkodie. In the song, Sarkodie cited one Jennifer Lomotey, whom he says is a Krobo.

According to Sarkodie, the Krobo lady was able to “ride” him well in bed because Okomfo Anokye, a powerful traditional priest, has cursed her with promiscuity.

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Y’all know that Prophet Badu Kobi has been in the news for some time now in reference to his ethnocentric comments and has once again waded in the archaic brouhaha fueled by Sarkodie.

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According to the founder and leader of Glorious Wave Church International, he sees nothing wrong with the statement Sarkodie made about Krobo women.

“Sarkodie is married to a Krobo lady but that didn’t stop him from singing about the tribe. What he said about the tribe is the truth. Instead of them listening to the song and advising themselves of the negativity, why will they bash him?,” he quizzed.






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