Kwaku Bonsam Asks Ghanaian Leaders to Use Eggs to Swear They Are Against Homosexuality So We Know Those Who Are Pretending

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Fetish priest, Kwaku Bonsam seems to be tired of the constant up and down concerning homosexuality in Ghana. Therefore, his simple solution is that some Ghanaian leaders should be made to swear that they detest the practice with egg. This will help separate those who are pretending from those who are not.

In an interview with OKAY FM, the spiritualist revealed that some Members of Parliament and other leaders are secretly in support of  ”ungodly act but are pretending in the public space” so, the best way to fish them out is to swear with eggs.

Expressing his disapproval of homosexuality, he said, “just as happened with Sodom and Gomorrah, Ghana will also go up in flames if we should accept this”.

“Many of our Members of Parliament(MPs) publicly are talking against the practice but inner them, they support it so for us to bring finalization to it, lets allow them to swear with eggs. They pretend not to support but they do. If not so, there won’t be an end to this matter,” he revealed.

Socrate Safo, a seasoned Ghanaian film maker on the same show opined saying, “For me, I think we should stop discussing this issue. It’s becoming a continuous agenda of some people whether discussed in a positive or negative way, they just want that to stay relevant. It’s an awareness they are creating. It’s silence that kills a campaign.”

Although the President has vehemently stated that he will never allow gay marriages to be legalized as long as he is in office. Nonetheless, the LGBT Community in Ghana continue to fight for their “rights”.




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