Kwesi Arthur Wants Single Ladies But Unfortunately I’m A Mingling Lady – Efia Odo

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Actress and Media personality Efia Odo has opened up about her relationships with the men surrounding her life, Shatta Wale and Kwesi Arthur inclusive.

According to her, she goes out with a lot of men, some of which she has no sexual relations with. These dates usually never exceed 5 months and then she goes back to being single.

In terms of her relationship with Shatta Wale, the actress explained that they are just best friends and the only reason people think they are sexually involved is because Ghanaians tag best friendship with sex. She further elaborated that she and Shatta Wale won’t make a good pair because, Shatta does whatever he wants even when it is wrong and she on the other hand, will never let her partner do something wrongly on her watch.

Speaking on her involvement with rapper Kwesi Arthur, she disclosed that they are just “cool”. She also made mention the fact that she’s been crushing on him for as long as she remember and perhaps, the reason they aren’t going out is because Kwesi wants fully single ladies and she on the other hand, tends to mingle once in a while.

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