Lady celebrates after purchasing her first fridge all by herself, says it is a ‘big flex’

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Lady celebrates after purchasing her first fridge all by herself

The definition of success is relative to who you are and what you have been exposed to so far. As for Laura, the purchasing of a fridge with her own savings is a ‘Big Flex.’

In a tweet, Laura gave herself a pat on the back for independently purchasing a fridge. According to her, although this may not be a huge achievement for many, she still believes she has done well.

“My very own fridge..thank you Jesus… Mad oo, 1000 and something something likes.. I cant believe it.. thanks guys I really appreciate.. some of you call it small win, for 21 yr old lady , that’s my biggest flex, my brand new carton LG fridge…”, She wrote.

For Laura Gaga, purchasing a fridge on her own without relying on the help of a man like many ladies do is a sure step forward and believes when she works hard, she will be able to purchase whatever she needs by herself.


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