Lady dumps boyfriend of 3-weeks because he could not buy shawarma & ice cream for her

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A Nigerian man, Kassim has revealed on Twitter how his relationship of 3weeks ended because he could not buy a ‘common’ shawarma and ice cream.

In a chat he shared to this effect, it became apparent that the guy refused to reply to the lady’s messages shortly after she tabled her request of wanting shawarma and ice cream.

The lady argued that she always got what she wanted in her previous relationship and cannot fathom why Kassim cannot live up to expectations.

She asked him what is the essence of dating him if she would not be able to do her hair and buy ice cream among other desires.

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After the back and forth as depicted in their chats, the girl pulled the plugs.

Sharing the breakup chat, he wrote; ”And that was how a 3 weeks relationship ended cos of magzi shawarma 😩😩😩”

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