Late IVD’s wife, Bimbo was a chronic drug addict” Kemi Olunloyo blows hot

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Controversial investigative journalist Dr. Kemi Olunloyo has alleged that the late wife of businessman IVD was a drug addict.

The news about the brouhaha about the abusive marriage of Bimbo with her husband IVD has become the most talked about topic on social media.

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The journalist has claimed that when the autopsy report of late Bimbo is released, it will be seen that aside from dying from 100 percent third-degree burn after setting their Lagos home on fire, the result will show that she had drugs in her blood.

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According to Kemi, Bimbo was a heroin user and suffered from drug-induced psychosis before her death. .

“Abimbola’s autopsy MAY likely say she died of third degree burns to her body secondary to drug induced psychosis. Same with Osinachi and Oromoni who I was also CORRECT about. Many ugly things are happening in someone’s life X and Y killed them. My friend Whitney Houston died of cardiac disease secondary to years of DRUG USE which had scarred her heart walls.
I have started talking to hospital and police sources but I’m not investigating this case. No time and money for that right now. My assignments are lengthy and piling up.

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Abimbola was a HEROIN user. Her family KNEW it and mostly covered her marital problems with #domesticviolence. She was psychotic destroying many of their own property and household items. Her friends who asked her to keep going back also knew she was on drugs. Here is her TikTok where SHE MOCKS HER OWN DRUG ABUSE by posting the words
“Say No to Drug Abuse” in a subliminal message after being hospitalized for a Heroin needle burn. These are her old TikTok posts which has now been archived before she died. Her entire page needs to be taken down for the sake of her kids in the future. THEY MUST NOT SEE SUCH CONTENT AS THE LEGACY OF THEIR MOM‼️The internet NEVER forgets. Abimbola also failed them as a mother. Drug-induced psychosis can let you do things unbelievable like pouring kerosene on a curtain, setting it on fire then pouring more on yourself. WHAT HAPPENS? You catch fire‼️😑☠️🔥🧯”

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