“Leadership Is Simple When You Have A Good Leader In Power”-Yul Edochie

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The success or otherwise of a particular venture depends largely on the leadership; when leaders don’t do what they are supposed to do in the right way, things often get ruined making it a very important requirement for success.

Leadership isn’t a simple thing as many fail at it because they fail to learn the ropes of what it is that makes people great leaders, and the results normally is that things get ruined and no progress chalked.

Nollywood actor and 2023 presidential hopeful Yul Edochie, has had his say about leadership as he gets ready to contest to become the leader of Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria.

According to him, leadership is simple adding that it takes a good leader to make it look so.

To him, it is not rocket science that a good leader makes leadership look so simple. It is often bad leaders, by his insinuation, that make leadership a difficult thing.

Yul Edochie believes that one just has to listen to the cries of the people and solve whatever problems they might have and that is it.

It takes a good leader to listen to the cries of the people.

Those that often do not care a hoot about their subordinates, hear them cry out in anguish but just refuse to mind them.

“Leadership is simple when you have a good leader in power. It’s not rocket science. Just listen to the cries of your people and solve their problems. Yul Edochie 2023,” Yul wrote.

See his tweet below;

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