Leo Robinton: All Facts About Emma Watson’s Boyfriend

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Leo Robinton gained the attention of the media after he was spotted kissing American actress, Emma Watson and as of now, he is dating the actress.

The two were initially spending time together which triggered the rumors that they might be dating and since then they tried to avoid fans from scrutinizing their relationship.

Leo Robinton
Leo Robinton

Who is Leo Robinton?

Leo Robinton is better known as the boyfriend of Harry Potter actress, Emma Watson. He is a businessman living in Los Angeles and as of 2022, he is 32 years old.

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Leo Robinton used to work for Agrios, a firm in Vancouver that specializes in legal cannabis. He was the vice president of the company’s business development.

Cannabis Business Times announced the departure of Leo Robinton from Agrios in June 2019 as they reported that the company wishes him well in his future endeavors.

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Leo Robinton family

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Leo Robinton happens to come from a big family according to multiple sources.

He is said to have a twin brother identified as Archer and an older brother, Charlie. He has two sisters also known as Daisy and Lily.

How did Emma Watson met Leo Robinton?

The two were first spotted kissing in October 2019 in London but he remained secret until 2020. The two are said to have met before Leo left his work as vice president of business development at Agrios.

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According to a report on April 2020, Emma Watson and Leo did everything possible to keep their relationship away from the public domain but it didn’t save the situation.

Leo intentionally removed himself from all social media platforms to protect their relationship after they were captured kissing in October.

Despite doing all this, Leo Robinton’s image didn’t go unnoticed hence they have no other choice than to accept it that way.


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