Lesbian professor urges teachers to stop saying ‘mother’ and ‘father’ to their students 

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Lesbian professor urges teachers to stop saying 'mother' and 'father' to their students 

A lesbian professor has since gone viral on social media after urging teachers to stop using moms and dads to kids.

The professor who is identified as Sirry Alang, from Pennsylvania took to Twitter to express her concerns on how some families are formed differently.

According to Alang, not all people have a mother and a dad and for some kids they totally have none.

“Lecturers, your class convos are broadcasted in all people’s homes. The # of situations the teacher has talked about “your mother and pa” to my baby’s class is infuriating,” she tweeted.

The professor also went on to praise a kid who bravely corrected the teacher about her own family setup.

“But a BRAVE kid just said…”But I only told my grandma at lunchtime because my sister and I live with our grandma,” wrote the professor.

According to Alang, her own child jumped in and said that she does not have a father.

“Then, of course, my kid jumped in right away and said: “I do not have a dad and it is ok because my mom said there are different kinds of families. Even though I would want a dad but she’s gay. Gay means she only dates women.” LOL. Now my business is out there,” she added.

According to Alang, the teacher apologised and promised to start saying parent or an adult who is taking care of the kid.

“But teacher apologized and said she’ll start saying “parent or the adult helping you at home”. I have faith in this generation,” she added.

Her post received a lot of traction online gathering over 83, 000 likes and hundreds of comments from people praising her post.

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