‘Let’s Play Only Ghanaian Songs This December’- DKB

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Comedian Derrick Kwabena Boney, aka DKB has embarked on a personal campaign to have Ghanaian songs played extensively to commemorate the Year of Return initiative.

DKB revealed in a video he posted on social media that it is just appropriate we market Ghanaian music to the foreigners trooping in for the Year of Return program and want 100% GH songs as the theme of his agenda.

“Very soon I will stop campaigning for positive agendas in this country. Because it always looks like when I start a campaign, I become a bad person. I thought it wise that it is a year of return…it is only sensible for us to position our music in such a way that these foreigners who are coming will go back with Ghana music.

“I started this that Ghana Djs should keep their playlist 100 per cent Ghana music for at least December and after that, they can open to whatever they want to do,” he stated.

DKB revealed how his suggestion was challenged by some individuals.

“People asked who I am for making such a suggestion. For this period let’s be a little bit patriotic.

“Nigerians are not our enemies…I went to Nigerian and I didn’t hear any Ghanaian music being played. The first time I heard Ghanaian music being played was three (3) days of his stay in the country and it was an instrumental of Sarkodie’s Rich Nigga Shit which was even used to mix other Nigerian songs,” he disclosed.

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