In Africa today, the poor are, for all intents and purposes, entirely disenfranchised. Africans have to help each other to discard the self-disdain that has been wired into our psychic system.Wait a moment, you may be asking; Don’t we already live in a democracy? Well, actually no, we don’t. If you didn’t already know it, in America — and in most places around the world, really — moneyed interests control government. It’s called plutocracy.

My article titled ” LETTER TO PRESIDENT MAHAMA” received an amazing feedback personally from people who obviously are feeling vexation regarding the current energy crisis. Most of them are perturbed because of the dilemma they are going through relating their businesses and discomfort.

My only problem is how people are playing politics with our current situation. It bothers me to think Ghanaians who share similar concerns don’t come together and ensure that their concerns are addressed.

In fact, there are many ways to get this country on its feet again if we can get good leaders but   I don’t mean leaders from either NPP or NDC whom Ghanaians have become tired of their failed promises. People are ready for new ideas. Many Ghanaians know that the size of successive governments since our Fourth Republic, notably, the NDC and the NPP have been too big and expensive. Many people in Ghana today understand that the wealth gap is excessive and the environment needs protection.

Personally, i don’t really care how people play their politics…am only concerned about the impact of its relevance on the ordinary citizen. Mr President you have less than 2 years to adjust and transfigure the current constrains or be forever remembered as the worst president ever Ghana had after independence.

By: Redeemer Joe Edudzi

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