Life Of Holden Fletcher Fraser: Everything There Is To Know About

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Canadian-American star, Brendan Fraser’s son Holden Fletcher Fraser was born in the year 2004 in the United States of America with Afton Smith being his mother

Holden Fletcher’s parents divorced back in 2008, after being married for 10 years, and in a court judgment, his father was ordered to pay $50,000 monthly and $300,000 annually as support fees for him and his 2 other siblings.

How Many Siblings does Holden Fletcher has?

Holden Fletcher is known to have 2 other siblings called Grifin Arthur Fraser and Leland Francis Fraser.

Who Is Name Of Holden Fletcher’s Mom?

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Holden Fletcher Fraser’s mom is Afton Smith and she’s also an actress. She met Fraser’s father on a set of Reality Bites in 1997 and decided to tie the knot in 1998.

Holden Fletcher with mom and dad
Holden Fletcher Fraser being held by his mom on the right. Image Credit: WireImage

Is Holden Fletcher Dating?

The celebrity kid is not dating at the time of publishing this story. He’s still a teen and has not made public any girlfriend of his.

How Tall Is Holden Fletcher, His Age, Networth

Holden was born in 2004 and is 17 years as at 2021. There’s no known height about him . His net worth is estimated to be around $20 million, with his mom’s own estimated at $175 million

More About Holden Fletcher Fraser’s Father

Holden Fletcher’s dad, Brendan Fraser landed a minor role in the movie Dog Fight in 1991 and after that movie, earned a much major role in the movie California Man (1992).

Fletcher’s dad made $12.5 million alone from featuring in the popular movie ‘The Mummy Returns’ back in 2001 and that alone shows how rich his dad is.


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