Lil Tjay remixes 50 Cent’s ‘Many Men’ song after he survived multiple shooting

After escaping a shooting in New Jersey, Lil Tjay has remixed 50 Cent’s “Many Men” from his 2003 debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

Over the weekend, the Bronx native uploaded his own version of the song, named “FACESHOT,” on YouTube. It was accompanied by artwork showing Tjay’s head placed on 50’s body from his Get Rich or Die Tryin’ album cover.

The 21-year-old addressed the near-fatal shooting and warned the triggerman in the song, channeling the rebellious spirit of the G-Unit boss’ original while also celebrating his full recovery from seven gunshot wounds.

“Type of guy try to take sum’ from me? Boy, you high / And I ain’t sayin’ he the suspect, but lil homie out an eye / All streets rules apply, I got hit, ain’t wonder why / All quiet, all I know is when they see me it’s goodbye,” he rapped.

“I know many men, out there wanna get me, tell ’em ‘bend again’ / Never on no scary shit, not afraid like Eminem / Singin’ n-gga, but you sleep on me that be your flaw / Lettin’ me live that was stupid, must think one plus two is four.”

Later in the song, Tjay mentioned 50 Cent by name while revealing he didn’t actually get permission to use the “Many Men” beat: “I know 50 might not share this, ’cause he f****k with the opps / Just pray he don’t take it down the moment it drop / I ain’t get this shit clear, but it’s clear that only one n-gga gon’ be here to survive all the comin’ years.”

Prior to its release, Lil Tjay wrote on Instagram: “This what ya wanted lmaoo[.] Guess it’s time to shake sh## up[.] I woke up feeling like @50cent , yk what that means[.] after this ima just go mainstream on ya. Fu%k around get my teeth done and sh##[.] go get that movie money what ya think #power?”

“FACESHOT” comes just a few days after Lil Tjay posted a photo of him hanging out with 50 Cent, with both New Yorkers flashing big smiles for the camera. “MANY MEN??” he captioned the photo, teasing his freestyle.


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