l’ll celebrate February 22 every year as my anniversary for coming out as a gay” – Ignatius Annor feeling happy

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Ignatius Annor

Prodigal Ghanaian journalist with Euronews, Ignatius Annor has stated categorically that he will always be gay regardless of the backlash he has received ever since he admitted on February 22, 2021, on live television that he is a gay and a proud one.

In an interview with Joy News, Ignatius Annor admitted that he’s indeed gay but could not come out publicly with that when he was in Ghana.

Ignatius Annor who currently resides in Europe in a new post meant to show solidarity to homosexuals across the globe posited that henceforth February 22 will be an anniversary year for him perhaps till 6-feet for telling the world that he’s gay.

Enough, read below what Ignatius Annor posted on Facebook:

On February 22, 2021, I came out openly as a black gay Television journalist. I have noted the date in my journal and it will be a celebratory day every year that God gifts me with life.

Mostly, I am inspired by the outpouring of love, kindness and support that have reached me from Ghana, and around the world. It reminds of the religion I live by that ”everything you put out will always return to you”.

Newton called it the third law of motion. It’s love on steriod. I have heard stories of my people still in the closet, they have shared their pain and fears in a deeply religious country still bent on dehumanizing Africa’s sexual minority groups.

It is not new to me. I know it, because it was a lived experience from Ghana and to the Congo where I worked for almost three years. It is also not lost on me, that others chose to spread hate and attack my personality.

Those don’t bother me at all, because they do not know me. My hope and prayer is that there will come a time where the LGBTQI+ community everywhere is treated with nothing less than respect, kindness and basic human dignity.

It lies within each of us to continue to be the light and shine the path for the oppressed minorities within our families, communities, nations and the world at large. As I pen down my thank you note, I am reminded of those who came before us. People who looked like me or were just as gay as I was, I am and always will be.

Of their sacrifices and fight for a just and equal society. I am still hopeful for a brighter tomorrow. To my Queer community, just know that I see you, I stand with you and I am you. Here is what I know for sure, Love always win. Thank you!

Ignatius Annor feeling happy
Ignatius Annor feeling happy

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