How Long Can Artiste Stay Relevant Without Ghana Music Awards? A Word To Shatta Wale, Kwaw Kese & The ‘Confused’ Gospel Musicians

Africans particularly Ghanaians continue to abuse ‘stardom’ when they hit the limelight either by coincidence or through their personal efforts. Most of our celebrities easily or virtually forget all the difficulties they encountered before they had their breakthrough.


In View of this,  after hitting the limelight, some behave as if they do not belong to planet earth. Simply, they part ways with the virtue we called “humility” from their lives. They desire to he carried in the air when they’re coming. Thus, the attitude of “proud & arrogance” becomes their closest friend.


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Indeed, everybody wants to be accorded with the needed respect or better still acknowledged with the needed reward after ones achievement. Same thing applies to musicians around the world particularly Ghana. Because there comes a time in everybody’s life no matter how powerful you used to be, your significance will be useless to the current generation who did not know you.


When this happens, history is used to judge humanity and this brings on board the relevance of plaques or Awards won as a musical artist. Sadly, we’re living in a country where some “notorious” Ghanaian musicians wants to put forth money over the expense of a life time achievement (plaques/awards).


Basically, their argument is that “Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) plaques do not put food on their table”! Fair enough, that’s only true for today, but tomorrow it will turn to become regrets for the artist who think they’re bigger than Ghana Music Awards scheme.


Realistically, there’s nothing like perfection in this world. Every human organisation will surely come under challenges or better still criticisms, however that should not negate or nullify the true meaning of its agenda. VGMAs over the years has come under serious criticisms ranging from artistes nominations to the final part of the event.


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However, the issue is that, either we like it or yes, Vodafone Ghana Music Awards is currently  the most recognized award scheme in the country as after as Ghanaian music is concerned. Therefore, when an artist “feels too big” particularly Shatta Wale, Kwaw Kese, OJ, Cwesi Oteng, Ohemaa Mercy, others fails to submit their works for the awards, posterity will surely judge them when their music careers starts to fade!


Thus, a time will come when Shatta Wale, Kwaw Kese, OJ, Ohemaa Mercy and all those who’re  threatening to boycott the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards will no longer be given the needed applause when they’re roaming in town like they’re enjoying now. So boycotting the award now will surely go against them no matter what the case be.


I always cite Sarkodie whenever I’m addressing issue concerning the importance of an awards to an artiste. Factually, Sarkodie has not released any powerful hit song which can be compare to “U Go Kill Me” some years back. However, he is still relevant in our music industry because he can boast of countless number of awards won which has really helped him be on a higher pedestal over his contenders.


Let’s not pretend, if the negative behavior of some of our artistes these days in response and their negative attitude towards Vodafone Ghana Music Awards is not changed, they’ll continue to be “Village Champions”!.


It’s high time Shatta Wale, Kwaw Kese, Cwesi  Oteng, Ohemaa Mercy and others put their ego aside and put much effort in their works and stop throwing jabs at Charterhouse every now and then. The truth must be told no matter what; no musician can underrate the positive impact winning an award especially Ghana Music Awards brings to them. A word to the wise and had I know….

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