Lori Matsuoka Biography, Career, Husband

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When Lori Matsuoka married her husband, Bill Walton, she was not a known figure, for many others like her, they get extremely famous when they marry popular people.

Lori Matsuoka’s marriage to Bill Walton was the reason for her extreme popularity this day. She was a relatively unknown person and gave little away as far as her background was concerned. Today, we zoom in on her life to see who she is and how things turned out when she married her husband, Bill Walton.

Bill Walton is a very popular person; he was a basketball player and having retired from the sport, he turned to broadcast.

Lori Matsuoka Biography

Lori Matsuoka
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Born in California, Lori Matsuoka is of Hawaiian and Japanese ancestry. Her actual date of birth, age, parents, siblings, and early years are all unknown.

According to her education, Lori has finished tertiary school and has a business and sociology degree.

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Few details about Lori Matsuoka are known because she only became well-known following her marriage to Bill Walton.


Lori’s career history is largely unknown, but it is known that she has worked in sales and marketing. For BdaKiNE.com, she presently writes inspirational blogs.

In addition to writing, Lori is a well-known philanthropist who supports numerous nonprofits and engages in charitable activities.

That is just about what we know about Lori Matsuoka. Her marriage to Bil was what put her in the limelight, so who is Lori Matsuoka husband? Let’s explore his life a bit more.

Lori Matsuoka Husband, Bill Walton

Lori Matsuoka Husband

Who is Bill Walton, Lori Matsuoka husband? What do you know about him?

Walton, the son of Gloria Anne and William Theodore “Ted” Walton, was born and raised in La Mesa, California. Bill Walton was born on November 5, 1952Bruce, Cathy, and Andy were his siblings with whom he grew up.

A hillside house on Colorado Avenue, directly below Lake Murray, served as the Waltons’ residence in La Mesa.

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It has been said that Walton is actually taller (7 ft 2 in (2.18 m) or more), although he does not appreciate being labelled as a seven-footer. His stated adult playing height was 6 ft 11 in (2.11 m).

Lori Matsuoka husband, Bill Walton is a former NBA player who now works as a sportscaster on American television.

He competed in college basketball for Coach John Wooden’s UCLA Bruins, leading them to two NCAA titles and an 88-game winning streak while winning three straight national collegiate Player of The Year awards (1972–1974).

Bill Walton led the Portland Trail Blazers to an NBA championship in 1977 after being picked with the first overall pick in the 1974 NBA draft, winning the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award in the process.

With the Boston Celtics in 1986, he captured a second NBA championship.

In 1993, Lori Matsuoka husband, Bill was honoured by being inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. He was selected for the 50th and 75th-anniversary teams of the NBA.
Walton had a very successful early career in the National Basketball Association (NBA), winning the 1978 NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) award and an NBA championship with the Portland Trail Blazers, for which he was also named Finals MVP.

However, his professional career started to be significantly hampered by multiple foot injuries requiring numerous surgeries.

The San Diego Clippers (now the Los Angeles Clippers), who signed Walton after he sat out the 1978–1979 season, gave him four injury-plagued seasons to play for them.

Over the course of two seasons with the Boston Celtics, his career was revived.

The marriage Between Lori and Bill Walton

Lori Matsuoka

How did Lori Matsuoka steal Bill Walton’s heart?

After several years of romance, Bill Walton and Lori Matsuoka got married. It is unknown if Lori has been in any other relationships prior to this one.

After his first marriage to Susan Guth in 1989, Bill Walton married Lori as his second wife in 1991. Despite being married for over 32 years, the two have not yet had any children.


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