Am In Love With A Friend’s Girlfriend, And I Need To Win Her

Dear Chris Handler,
My name is Kwasi and I have a problem and i just don’t know what to do. I really need your advice on this. A very great friend of mine introduced a girl to me some two weeks ago. He told me the girl was his new girlfriend. I was soo happy for him to have found such a wonderful girl. Chris, the girl is too beautiful, to the extend i think to say she is beautiful is even an understatement. She’s not just beautiful too, but very smart, humble, honest and always willing to help. She comes from a rich family and although my friend is not that rich like her, she loves him very much. She recently bought my friend one of these iPhone 5s as his birthday gift and cooks for my friend each time she comes to visit him. She’s more like an angel. Chris, my problem is that, i have fallen for this girl. I know it’s not right, but i don’t know how it happened, i just love her too and really want her to be my girlfriend. I know it’s kinda immoral but i love her and i wish, i met her first, because she’s got everything i want in a girl. Chris, what kills me kraaa, are her succulent breasts, and soft ass. I once mistakenly saw her half naked when i walked into my friend’s room, and she was dressing up, she did not notice it tho. Chris, please advise e on what i can do to get her, i know i love her.

Hell Kwasi,
Really?? Ummm, your situation is ppretty interesting and i know most guys have been in that situation before, infact, i have found myself in that situation before, except that mine was just an infatuation. Since you and your friend are such good friends, you cannot have her girlfriend.  From what you are telling me, i can see you are lusting over her. What would your friend think of you if you take the one you love from him? Put yourself in your friend’s shoes. i am sure you won’t like that to happen to you. My advise is for you to  look for another girl who is probably beautiful like your friend’s girl or ask her to introduce you to some of her friends, i am sure she will have some beautiful friends  like herself.


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