Love On The Spectrum: Why did Mark and Chloe Hatch split up?

Why did Mark and Chloe Hatch split up

Mark Redburn and Chloe Hatch on Netflix’s Love On The Spectrum have been making massive waves on social media due to season 2 of the show.

Love On The Spectrum is a Netflix documentary series that shows a group of autistic young adults and their dating experiences.

Chloe Hatch is 22 years old and she appeared on the show in season 1. She opened up about how hard it’s difficult to date on the spectrum.

According to her, her ex-boyfriend dumped her once she told them she had autism and has indicated that she wishes to meet someone who will accept her the way she is.

Mark Radburn is also 30 years old and was also featured in the first season of Love On The Spectrum.

He becomes a star on the program and has since left lasting effects and fans have been anticipating season 2.

Why did Mark and Chloe Hatch split up
Chloe Hatch and Mark

Chloe Hatch and Mark’s relationship

Mark happens to live a private life away from the public domain however we know about his and Chloe’s adventure together in season 2 as we would see them date.

After Chloe saw Mark on the show she stated that She believed she was incredibly kind and would get along.

The two were in a relationship until they decided to remain friends.

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Why did Mark and Chloe split?

On the show, Mark and Chloe went on a few more dates and she even joined Mark’s family for Christmas where Mark gave her a bracelet as part of their gift exchange.

Chloe also gave Mark a Lego dinosaur kit as a gift. The two are still friends but their love connection didn’t last long after the program ended.

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