“Love’s What I Crave; Your Money Is Irrelevant To Me”, Beautiful Nigerian Lawyer, Khadijah

Love is a beautiful thing; something everyone craves, but there are those who’d just have none of it, you either have a loaded pocket or you forget mingling with them.

Beautiful Khadijah needs love and not money
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A beautiful Nigerian lawyer, Khadijah is making a strong case here for love to be prioritised over money.

There are those who would just state emphatically that if you don’t have this or that, you don’t qualify to date them.

From owning luxurious cars to living in a plush mansion, and pulling up in some expensive fashionable HushPuppi-Esque dressing style, these are just some of the requirements for some ladies out there.

For lawyer Khadijah, none of those moves her, as what she simply craves is love.

A few ladies would be in agreement with Khadijah as many would tell you it’s not the love they are going to eat.

When you make the money the priority, you might grow not to be happy in the relationship, and in the unfortunate situation where the money ceases to come, the relationship might just come to a stall.

But a relationship that is firmly grounded on love, and not money, such fears don’t exist. You just need to have enough money to keep the home going and not the fat bank account that a lot of these ladies look out for in a man.

The young beautiful Nigerian Muslim lawyer, Khadijah made the case for love over money in a social media activity where she wrote on Twitter;

“Keep your money, give me love”.

Would you rather be shown unconditional love or given so much money without love?

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