Lucy Kpop : Facts to know about the Kpop group

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Lucy ( kpop) is one of the leading South Korean band available in the country and the Asian Continent as a whole. The groupnwas formed during JTBC’s television talent show titled Superband back in in 2019.

During the Competition that year, The band finished in second place. 

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Lucy Kpop Members 

Lucy as a group is made up of Five members who all looks promising and has already left a good mark with their talents on the music world. 

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The members Are Shin Ye-chan, Choi Sang-yeop, Jo Won-sang and Shin Gwang-il.

Lucy Kpop Members
Lucy Kpop members

Lucy Kpop members Age & Date of Birth 

Ye-chan – 21 years old. He was Born on May 14, 2001. 

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Choi Sang-yeop – 28 years old. He was Born on February 27, 1994 in Seongnam-si, South Korea.

Jo Won-sang – 25 years old. He was born on August 15, 1996.

Shin Gwang-il – 25 years old 

Facts To know about the Group.

  • They released their debut single which they titled Dear.on May 8, 2020.
  • Shin Ye-chan is the main leader and violinist of the group
  • Shin Gwang-il also doubles as a vocalist and the main drummer of the group.
  • Choi Sang-yeop is also vocalist and the lead guitarist of the group
  • Cho Won-sang is also known as the producer and bassist of the group.
  • The group is into different kind of genres including Rock, Ambient music a d Synth pop.
  • The Group has been active since 2019 after it’s debut. 

  •  Lee Ju-hyuk was once a member and initially the lead vocalist of the band during their competition at Superband.
  • Lee Ju Hyuk however decided to quit and head back to his original band just after the show.

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  • The group released two Extended Plays between the year 2020 & 2022 titled Panorama and Blue.
  • Panorama was released on 26th August 2020 and went all the way to peak number 30 on the Korean music chart with 2,480 sales.

  • Blue on the other side of was released on December 7 2021 and peaked number 8 on the Chart with 27,291 sales.
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