“Make Peace With The Girl You ‘Disvirgined’ Before You Marry”-Tweep Charges Men

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Most often, men disvirgin girls but when it comes to marriage, the marry someone else rather than the ones they disvirgined.

According to a Nigerian tweep known as Vivian, who is not new to controversy, a man must do well to make peace with the girls they disvirgined before they get married.

According to her, it is very important.

Most of the times, the girls that men disvirgin are often nowhere to be found so how do these men get to make peace with them before going ahead.

Vivian has a point nonetheless. It is particularly very important to do this when the break up with these girls wasn’t based on a consensus.

Normally, these girls will give you trouble in your marriage if you don’t try to make peace with them before you go ahead to marry.

“Men! Before you get married, make peace with the girl you disvirgined. Is very important,” Vivian admonished.

She did not give further details as to why she is making this call.

It leaves room for more questions because it is not only men that disvirgin girls because men also get disvirgined by girls and so if it has come to this, then guys who get divirgined by girls also have to demand that the girls make peace with them before they marry if it so happens they are not the ones they are marrying but some other guy somewhere.

Below is Vivian’s tweet;




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