Man allegedly faints while trying to dribble 3 women in bed at the same time in hotel room, video drops

A middle-aged man who thought he could take pride in his masculinity and display his bedroom skills nearly joined his ancestors in the process.

According to the report, the Nigerian man lost consciousness while he was trying to satisfy three prostitutes when he stormed a brothel and paid for their services.

When he lost stamina and fell, it was the same woman who went to his aid and poured water on him.

Other commercial sex workers present at the venue brought out their phones to record him.

In other trending news that could grab your attention, a man has revealed how a lady she was trying to woo ran away with his expensive iPhone after he gave it to her to input her digit.

According to him, he met the lady by the roadside, and to show his big swag, he pulled out his iPhone 13 Pro Max and gave it to her so she can give him her number.

The lady who had probably been praying for a phone of this sort, took to her heels with the device, never to be seen again.

It’s likely the guy was driving when the incident occurred although he did not explain that in the post.

“I met a girl last night and we had a 2 minute chat. I wanted to flex with my iPhone 13 pro max so I gave it to her to put her number on…. Anuanom ne adofo she run plus my phone,” he wrote on Twitter.


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