Man allegedly stung by bees while having hot s.ex with a married woman

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A report from Zimbabwe indicates that a man’s sexual escapades with a married woman were halted abruptly after he was attacked by a swarm of bees.

The man, Jethro Maimba was reportedly having sex with Lizzie Maphosa in the bush when the bees swung into full gear and brought the passionate session to anti-climax.

It has also been established that Maphosa’s husband, Joseph Musariri was said to have on several times warned Maimba to stop the illicit affair. He then allegedly cast a spell on his wife thereafter.

A source told B-Metro that the bees only stopped attacking Maimba after he pleaded for forgiveness from Musariri.

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The villager said;

We suspected that the stinging was a result of juju after some of the bees were left covering his private parts for about two days.

The bees only disappeared after Maimba asked for forgiveness from Musariri. This was also after he had promised to pay him two beasts.

It was further learnt that Musariri and Maimba also agreed to approach Chief Nemangwe’s traditional court, so they can solve their issue amicably.

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Contacted for comment, Chief Nemangwe could neither confirm nor deny the shocking incident. He said:

The matter has not yet been brought to my attention. Maybe the parties decided to solve it on their own.

Matters of that nature are usually brought to my attention after the parties would have failed to agree on any terms or conditions.

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