Man born with 6 fingers & toes each says his massage business is doing well

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A Kenyan man has earned a measure of attention on the internet for what should have been considered a deformity.

The young man, James Kamau is a budding masseur whose job has been made easier by one extra finger on each hand, thereby having 6 fingers on each side of his hands.

In an interview with Citizen Digital, the 28-year-old revealed his rare trait got him toruble back in school during a Maths lesson.

“I remember at one point in primary school, there was a mathematics question that asked about the number of fingers one had. I picked six as the answer since I counted my fingers,” he said.

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He said the Maths teacher called him to the staff room as he was surprised that he could fail such a simple question. “My teacher could not understand why I failed such a simple question. So I was asked to count my fingers. I did so. My teacher stood there bewildered,” he added.

Kamau, an Information Technology graduate also disclosed that he was pushed into the beauty industry by one of his close friends after he graduated.

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He said he was pushed into the massaging business as people kept coming to him because of the ‘magic of his fingers.’

“Customers kept coming back. I remember at some point, a female customer asked why my services had a uniqueness to it. I simply laughed and kept to myself,” he said.

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