Married man collapses after he was dragged to court for refusing to pay hotel bills and s,ex worker

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The Ejigbo Magistrates Court in Lagos State saw a funny drama being enacted when Talabi Oluwaseyi Samuel, a married man, collapsed while being charged with failing to pay N70,000 bill.

According to the publication shared by P.M.EXPRESS, the 42-year-old racked up the bill after hosting a commercial sex worker in a hotel for three days.

According to the report, Samuel was overheard complaining that the hotel administration had discovered his promiscuous lifestyle and that his wife would now be aware of his repeated affairs with her.

The reports further add that, he brought Becky Alaneme to the Mayoral Hotel in Idimu’s Unity Estate and slept there for days without paying her service fee or the hotel’s bills.

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After attempting to flee, he was apprehended and imprisoned for failing to pay the debts, which total more than N70,000.

He was hauled to court to be charged with conduct likely to provoke a breach of public peace after the police made many unsuccessful attempts to convince him to pay the bills.

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Drama started, though, when he yelled and slumped inside the courtroom as the bus that had carried him to the location of the case was ready to let him off.

He had been sitting on the floor of the courtroom for a while when the presiding magistrate, Mrs. K.A. Ariyo, entered and ruled that he be kept in police custody until he was prepared to be charged with the alleged crime.


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