Man Marries His Friend’s Girlfriend He Was Sent To Test If She Will Cheat On Him

If anything wasn’t left behind as we crossed over from 2020 to 2021, it has to be the weird stories that we have heard, particularly about relationships.

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In one of those stories, served hot in the new year, a guy has ended up marrying his friend’s girlfriend whom he was sent to go test if she would cheat or not.

Per the story narrated on Twitter by one EbubeNna, the said man just blatantly told his friend’s girlfriend that he was sent to test her by the friend.

That apparently pissed the girl off and the back and forth of it all is that the girl got involved with this man and they started to see each other which become intimate and ultimately led into the two tying the not leaving his friend heartbroken.

EbubeNna narrated what happened on Twitter;

It’s just January 2nd yet wahala don full ground. My big brother’s friend asked his friend to go after his girlfriend just to see if she will cheat on him.

The guy agreed and approached the girl but instead of doing as he was told, he told the girl that her boyfriend sent him. She was offended and offered friendship to the guy.

They became friends, hanged out once in a while and ended up falling Inlove. Yesterday was their wedding. The original boyfriend is in my house ranting,” she narrated.

Some of these weird stories provide us with some learning curves.

The girl just demonstrated that she doesn’t want to be with a man who wouldn’t trust her and would go as far as sending people to test her.

And what a way to do it.

So, ladies, whenever your guy sends his friend to tempt you, you know what to do; just marry the one they sent to tempt you.

And for the guys, you know it now, find a way of finding out if your woman is faithful order that sending someone to tempt her, They’ll marry her and leave you heartbroken.

Follow the thread to see the gist.


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