Man orders food for only himself after his date showed up with her friend, video drops

A man outwitted a lady he took out on a date after he emerged at the restaurant with another lady uninvited.

On this wavelength, a video that surfaced on social media shows the moment the two ladies watched the man eat without them. The setting was reportedly captured in Durban, South Africa.

The guy who had probably read cases of ladies showing up with their friends to milk their benefactors dry on the internet wasn’t ready to succumb to these sort of games contemporary women play on guys and instantly took precautionary measures.

He ordered food for only himself and enjoyed himself while watching entertainers for the event perform. One of the ladies kept staring at him and salivating as the dude munched on his drumstick and friend yam.

We guess men on social media would hail this guy for making the ‘brotherhood’ proud with his action.

Watch the video below;


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