Man recounts washing his girlfriend’s side boyfriend’s car thinking it belongs to her

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A man has recounted how he got involved in an activity that he thought was for the benefit of his girlfriend only to grossly regret it later.

Identified as Segopotso Tong, the man said his woman deceived him into washing her side boyfriend’s car.

According to Segopotso, she made him believe that she bought the car for herself only for him to later discover that it actually belongs to her secret lover.

Sharing his sad experience, the man who purpotedly hails from South Africa wrote; ‘‘My ex once made me believe she bought a car while else it was the side n*****s car. She even made me wash it.”

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In unrelated news, popular businessman, Ismaila Mustapha better known as Mompha has slammed the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) days after they declared him wanted over fraud-related crimes.

Mompha’s image appeared on a wanted poster that the anti-graft organization produced, asking for help from the public in locating him.

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An unfazed Mompha has issued a statement on social media and put the EFCC on the blast and exposed their corruptible tendencies.

He explained in the lengthy post he shared that he had done nothing wrong and had merely given money to Nappy as part of his regular Bureau De Change operation. Read more here…


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