Man Says He Washes Plates And Cleans The House Because His Wife’s Salary Is Three Times More Than His Own

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A Nigerian has sparked an interesting debate online after he revealed that because his wife is the breadwinner of the family since she earns more than him, he helps with house chores to ‘balance the equation.’ 

According to the man identified as Seth, his wife earns three times more salary than he makes in a month but he’s not in the least threatened or has his ego deflated as men in his shoes may feel by default.

Seth further said his wife was a successful woman before he got married to her so in order to make himself useful and sustain the marriage, he helps with all the house chores.

”My wife makes 3x more than I do a month. You think I’m embarrassed? You think I’m hurt not being the breadwinner? Not one bit. I do the dishes like the good little husband I am.

Me belittling myself at the end is literally the joke. she works, I work. I’m on extended leave because of Covid and can’t get to work so I might as well clean

I obviously love and support her. she was successful before I met her ain’t no way I’m gonna dim her shine.”



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