Man shares sad story of what his cheating girlfriend and sugar daddy did to him after he caught them knacking

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A man has revealed what happened to him when he was making love to his girlfriend in the apartment bought for her by her sugar daddy which he had no idea of.

He said the man barged in when they were busily in the middle of the action and gave him the beatings of his life.

Here’s the full story;

“I like having s*x in my house, and it has nothing to do with home advantage. A few years ago, there was this girl I had known for about 8 months, but we had been having s*x for only 2 months. She gave me the impression that her father was rich, that was how she could afford the apartment she lived in and her expensive lifestyle.

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One day, we were at her apartment drinking and getting high, which eventually led to s*x. As we were having s*x, this older man badged into the room and interrupted us.

He was probably in his 40s/50s, and he looked very angry. i was so confused as i was really drunk and high at the time. Apparently, he was her sugar daddy and he had paid for the apartment for her and she had the audacity to bring in another guy. Unfortunately for me I was the other guy and ended up on the receiving end of serious beating that day. The worst part was that i couldn’t even defend myself because i was under the influence, so yes, I received the beating of my life.

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The next day I couldn’t open my eyes because my face was swollen. After the incident I warned her to stay away from me and initially, she refused until I threatened her. Since that day i avoid fuking in a babes’ house, come to my house so | can have peace of mind.”

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