Man Tears Bible Into Pieces, Uses It As Toilet Sheets- Photo

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Most contemporary African youth have taken a different path as regard religion and are desperately trying to influence to do likewise. They believe the Bible is nothing but a work of fiction used to enslave Africans.

They want people to realize that Christianity has no bases but just an organised sect that’s built on lies and grounded in the white man’s philosophies used primary to force us (Africans) into slavery. Remember when Nigerian actress Etinosa Idemudia caused public outrage when she openly used the Bible as tray for her cigarettes?

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This gentleman in our story did worst- he actually tore the Bible into pieces and used it as toilet paper. He added a long essay to justify his action. See below:

Britain I am no longer afraid of the book you used to enslave my people, I tore it in the public today, I have proven to many that it’s just a book and words of men.

On this day I liberated thousands of people from fear and chains. I am a proud fighter, we must continue to fight modern day colonialism.

You Christians have been burning several traditional shrines, you post it on
Facebook everybody cheer you and praise your nonsense Jesus.

Today I decided to show what it feels like. I have been using the Bible for toilet for about 3 months now just that I decided to make it public today and you talking nonsense in my posts.God punish all of you there I don’t care.

I must follow my ancestry ways I don’t I care about any nonsensical nonsense human being here. I destroyed the Bible, it’s from the devil

Many are mad but few are roaming.” 

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