Man Transfers Money Into Lady’s Account For Being Too Beautiful

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We know some men can really be funny, knowing the extent they go just to grab a woman’s attention. However, what this man did to probably woo a woman has genuinely made the internet come to a standstill.

An Instagram user has revealed how a guy surprised everyone by transferring money to a lady just because she was ‘too beautiful’. This guy who shared the story has surprisingly been impressed with the gesture and has entreated everyone to emulate the anonymous

This man whose name on Twitter is Uchay said that the very ‘generous’ guy who doled out money to a pretty lady did not know her before the encounter.

He merely met her on the road, asked for her account number and transferred money to her with an explanation that she was way too beautiful to be ignored. This fellow did not ask for her phone number.

But despite this, she gave it to him without thinking twice. Uchay used this story as a point of reference to encourage men to up their games. Anyway, I’m waiting for someone to do this to me when we meet on the street.

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