Man who flew his girlfriend to UK to marry her shares story of how the lady got him arrested twice when she finally arrived

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A Ghanaian man identified as Nana Kwadwo has shared a story of how her girlfriend whom she brought to the UK for the purpose of marriage betrayed him agonizingly.

Narrating his ordeal to STV Africa in an interview, the man said the lady changed drastically after she gained a job at a firm he declared during the interview as lousy during the interview.

From the interview, it became apparent that he eventually married her and asked her to move from London’s Islands to stay with him.

“She was there with our four children, although she stayed with me in Dalston when she first arrived”, he told the presenter DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa.

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“I asked her to come and reside here (Dalston) because traveling to the Island had become hazardous and unpleasant”., he added.

Nana recounted how his wife approached him one day after he returned from a wedding and claimed she heard he was flirting with another woman. She did not give him any chance to defend himself and instantly called the cops on him.

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On the second occasion, they had an argument over her lack of parental care and not preparing food for the kids.

He claimed in the cause of the fracas, he ‘tapped’ her shoulders and ask her to return to her former place. The next minute, she called the police and he was arrested and jailed.

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