Manasseh Azure Gives Vivid Explanation Of How Some “Big” Men In NPP Sacked Captain Smart From Angel TV For Speaking Against Them

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Aced Broadcast Journalist has given a detailed account of what caused Angel TV presenter, Captain Smart to lose his job after he was accused of speaking ill of the Incumbent NPP Government.

According to Manasseh on Facebook;

“After reading Franklin Cudjoe’s post on Captain Smart going off air due to pressure from some top government officials, I did my own checks from multiple source close to Angel Broadcasting Limited, and this is what I was told:

1. That Captain Smart has been taken off air. It’s unknown how long he will be away.

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2. Management has not officially communicated this to the staff of the company.

3. There have been complaints and pressure from some top government officials who are aggrieved by Captain Smart’s utterances on his show.

4. Management of the station are concerned about how he sometimes attacks personalities, instead of staying on the issues he discusses. They yanked him off air after several warnings and the complaints/pressure from some aggrieved top officials.”

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This action by the so called “big” men has made a lot of people wonder if truly there is a Freedom of The Press in the country. The Press is literally forced to walk on egg shells because whatever you say or do against the incumbent NPP Government is likely to end your career or worse case scenario end you in jail.

There’s been several scenarios of how some people who spoke against the Government have been arrested by some members of the National Security and even sent to jail. One of such person’s is artiste Manager Bulldog. This list goes on and on.

Now the question is, does freedom of speech literally mean “freedom of speech”? Time will tell.

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See his full post below;


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