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I love him; it is just that I think people change. “We have been in love since secondary school and I feel we are now old and for that matter the love will deplete” these were words from her mouth, when we went to see the marriage counsellor. Surprisingly, the counsellor laughed and asked her have you seen a guy you think is more caring than your boyfriend. Can I tell couple a story about my sister?

Judith was her name. I knew her so well. We were very close and rose up in a small town and her mother, Sarah took her to church five days a week and twice every Sunday. It was not a matter for fun and boys, forget it. From the moment, Judith and Isaac met something sparked between them. They were always seen hand in hand. Sarah, her mother tried to keep strict hands on Judith, but she was in love so was Isaac. Love for Judith was different from other people; for her it was time consumption, protection and breathes for life. Most times they didn’t know Sarah was watching them. Somewhere along the line she decided not to fight it again maybe it was the will of God. Judith was very worried the very day Isaac went to ask for her hand in marriage, thinking her mother won’t agree but she reluctantly said yes. They got married and lived together as live set in. They found themselves some little apartment in one of the biggest estate in the city where they called their home. They didn’t have much but had each other. They love each other.

Isaac worked in a restaurant as a chief cook with the aspiration of owning it one day while Judith’s dream was to be a marriage counsellor but for the mean time she found a job with French millionaire woman who was into room decoration. One day, at Judith’s work place, while she was arguing with a colleague on her mode of dressing a nice looking gentleman by pass their office to Mrs. Bentum, the millionaire she worked for office. “Wow! The colleague said guess who I saw and Judith, who has been in the city for less than two years knew nothing about what her co- |employee was saying. He is a well-known website builder and owes the only social network in the country. He Isaac very rich said Gina her co-employee. It seems you don’t know him where at all do you come from? Asked Gina jovially. Not again said Judith, angrily I want you girls in my office said Mrs. Bentum. They followed immediately. In the office, their employer said “this nice looking gentleman here wants to make my company known worldwide”. Gina snapped in “is he going to work with both of us?” no he has to choose between you both, said madam Bentum. Because one should stay while the other run the company. I think Gina you stay so he goes with Judith since she is new; so she uses the opportunities to see some of our handworks. Judith was very happy because she was going to work with a renowned man for her first time even though he was not the first to visit the company. Gina congratulated her and asked not to disgrace the company by her way of dressing and even opted to take her to the saloon after working hours. That evening when she got home with smiles, her husband didn’t even recognize her new hairdo. She then broke the news to her husband. He was happy and told his wife she should be careful and know she has her own dreams. He also told her how an innocent lady was humiliated by his employee before a waitress. Life was sweet for them and had nothing to worry about. On the third day working with their client, she was interrogated by the client not on the work but about her social life. Are you married? Asked Bright the client. Confidently, Judith said yes and I started going out with my husband at age six. Astonished Bright quickly asked how old she is. Judith said with joy twenty six in three days. Oh! Then happy birthday in advance. Thank you, Judith said. This conversation paved way for Judith to ask a question she had wanted to ask him. She asked how did you became successful at this age and you still counting more riches. Bright laughed and said my ex-girlfriend pushed me. Anxious Judith asked she dumped me for a rich guy and since then I became a workaholic. Sorry about it you will find someone who would love you better but to be frank with you it has helped you. You should be grateful to her said Judith jokingly. Unlike me who wants to be a marriage counselor is here working in a room decorating company with the hope of jumping into my dream career. Bright watched her in the eyes and saw how eager the lady in and said with your knowledge and intelligence you will make it happen now and I will help you. This Judith thinking for a while but later appreciated. Where do you stay? Asked Bright. I live at cantonment, house number five said Judith. Ooooo! I live in that big mansion behind your house, I use to go for jogging every Saturday morning and I pass in front of your house. But have never seen you there before these were Bright last words when they departed. That Saturday, Judith woke up early and went for running to see if she would meet her newly found friend. Lo and behold she met him and they run together. On the way, a cyclist knocked Judith unintentionally, he quickly moved towards the cyclist trying to beat him up but Judith pleaded and he carried her to his house for first aid which Judith opposed but couldn’t stand on her grounds because it was her first time been defended by a man and also seen bravery. She phoned her husband and told him about it. While Isaac stopped whatever he was doing and went for his wife, Bright was using his sugar coated words to lure Judith which she was getting much interested because this new friend protected her bravely outside some dew minute ago. The doorbell rang abruptly and both stood up and went to the door. Bright stretched his hands for a handshake when Judith introduced her husband, Isaac did same as well as him expressing his gratitude to what he did for his wife Judith’s birthday came and didn’t get a wish from her husband but got to the work place only to see a bouquet of flower on her table she thought her husband wanted to take her by surprise. Her mood changed as he saw the card in flower it showed that it was from Bright not her husband. Bright showed up as soon as she saw the card telling her how his colleagues liked what he was doing so he has to leave with her to the northern region in his private plane to show and explain to them better. This made her happy because it was on her birthday too. When are we coming? Asked Judith, today my dear replied Bright. While on board, Judith began to taste a different aspect of life where there Isaac no superstitious belief as she grew with but abstract things happen. This made her fall more for Bright and drifted away from her husband. After they finished what they went to do, Bright her the more and had his way on board. Since then her attitude changed towards her husband. At the restaurant Isaac worked, the poor lady has grown fond of him because of his protection. She use to tell him about how bad his ex-boyfriend treated her but still loved him even when he caught him cheating on several occasions. Until one day when she caught him and tried to question him, the guy tried killing her because he was on drugs and she manage to escape from him and since then he has been afraid of men. This made Isaac feel for her and told her all men are not the same and that he Isaac different. While Isaac is making the lady happy Bright was taking over from him. Bright promised Judith to get her consulting center for her and told her marriage counseling. This got into her head when she saw bright pay for a building for her consulting center in her name. She moved to boss and told her she has resigned from the job and insulted her employer. That night she went out to the club with Bright drinking and smoking. Isaac was alerted by her co-employee at the room decorating center. He moved there quickly to take his wife home but she refused. Isaac had to cry his heart out but it seems Judith has made up her mind. Isaac left didn’t know where to go and drove straight to Mavis the waitress. Mavis who has been through such instance did everything to control Isaac who wanted to have sex with her but told him they are not attracted to each other.

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It was here she mentioned bright in remembrance of her pains she went through in his hands. She then told Isaac she was HIV positive which she contracted from bright since he sleeps around unprotected with many ladies. On hearing this Isaac jumped and said he got my wife. I have to save her. Bright and Judith were quarrelling after they came back from Judith‘s house. Her mother didn’t like the idea and bright who Isaac quick tempered slapped her mom and pulled her out of the house. This made Judith very furious and insulted Bright he beat her up almost to death. Isaac and Mavis got there when he has finished beating Judith and he was sleeping due to the drug he took. Think you have to go now. No what happened to Judith did she die? She Isaac alive but has HIV. Isaac married the daughter of the owner of the restaurant and Mavis moves to work in a pharmaceutical shop where Judith goes for drugs every month to sustain her where the bills were taken care of by Isaac.


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