Married Woman Explains Why She Allows Her Husband Have Sidechicks

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A married Ghanaian woman has explained why she allows her husband have a side-chick..

According to the woman simply identified as Naa, marriage in itself is burdensome, and to have someone willing to carry part of the load should be appreciated.

“You’re working the whole day, you have to deal with the kids, you probably won’t be available to do what you have to do or need to do. If there’s somebody on the side who is going to help you out, yay!” she told Kojo Yankson and Mamavi Owusu Aboagye, hosts of Joy FM’s Super Morning Show on Friday.

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She disclosed that she personally knows her husband’s mistress and appreciates the job she has been doing on her behalf for her husband who lives abroad.

“I know her. Her name is Minerva. There are stuffs that he would want to do that I would never do. There are things in bed I would never do. I would never turn my backside for you. I would never do that. I can’t do anal sex. So, if somebody would do it and it’s safe, why not? I am assuming she does that because he has been with her for a while”. She explained.

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Answering the question of whether or not she doesn’t get jealous of the side-chick and the probability of her taking her husband for good, Naa said she remains in charge.

“I am the Mrs, I am the one he comes home to, I am the one he runs to, why should I be jealous? Humans are built not to like just one thing. Variety. So, spice it up,” she advised.

Although some other women who called into the ‘Relationship Friday’ segment of the Super Morning Show disagreed with Naa, she had one of them who shared in her view.

Also identified as Araba, Naa’s seconder said “men would always be men”, so women should stop killing themselves fruitlessly to change them.

As if Naa’s revelations were not mind-blowing already, Araba came to top it up with her disclosure that she voluntarily embarks on a search for her man and urges him to get a side-chick if he pleases.

“I remember I once called my husband. In fact, my husband and my boyfriend as well. I called him and I said master If you see a girl, she says she is attracted to you, why not? I give him license.” reported her as saying that she sometimes advertises for a side-chick on behalf of her husband through her WhatsApp status.

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