Maya Jama parents: Meet Hussein Jama and Sadie Hussein

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A person’s journey to prominence can never be quite complete without the role of their parents in their lives. Although other people have had the difficult journey of having to travel it all without their parents, others have had the luxury of falling on their parents when things get tough for them. What has been the case for Maya Jama’s parents Hussein Jama and Sadie Hussein in her journey to stardom?

In this article, we explore who Maya Jam’s parents are and the roles they have had to play in her journey as a media personality over the years.

With her contagious personality and razor-sharp wit, British television presenter and radio host Maya Jama has won over audiences both on and off-screen, and her rise to fame has been nothing short of impressive.

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Despite her public persona, many people are still interested in Maya Jama’s family background, particularly her parents.

In this article, we will explore who Maya Jama’s parents are.

Who Is Maya Jama?

Before we delve into who her parents are, it follows that we talk about who she is, and how her journey has been so far.

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Jama was reared in Bristol, where she attended Cotham School, and she was born there.

Born on 14 August 1994, she is currently 28 years old.

English television host and radio DJ, Maya Indea Jama co-hosted the BBC One program Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer with Peter Crouch and Alex Horne.

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She also co-hosted the third and fourth seasons of the BBC Three challenge Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star and the ITV2 dating program Love Island.

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Maya Jam’s parents, Hussein Jama and Sadie Hussein must be proud of her now for her exploits on television.

From 2015 to 2017, Jama co-hosted Trending Live! on 4Music.

In 2018, she co-hosted True Love or True Lies on MTV.

In addition, she co-hosted the first season of The Circle with Alice Levine on Channel 4.

In radio, Jama co-hosted Radio 1’s Greatest Hits and hosted her own program, Maya Jama, on BBC Radio 1 from 2018 to 2020.

She also hosted #DriveWithMaya on Rinse FM from 2014 to 2017.

Taking over as presenter of the well-liked ITV2 dating reality series Love Island in 2023 was Jama.

Who are Maya Jama Parents?

Who are Maya Jama’s parents, Hussein Jama and Sadie Hussein? Maya is of Somali descent on her father’s side and Swedish descent on her mother’s side.

It’s been quite a troubled childhood for the young media practitioner who didn’t quite have the luxury of having both parents around to nurture her.

Maya Jama is thought to have a sibling and her mother, Sadie, named her after the American author and poet Maya Angelou.

Her mother Sadie Hussein was said to have given birth to her when she was nineteen years old.

Jama’s father spent the majority of her childhood in prison for crimes involving violence, such as fights and bar brawls.

At age 12, she made the decision to cease visiting her father in prison and for a detachment.

Jama continues to be close to her mother, and the two, once in a while, appear on talk shows together and go to exclusive celebrity events.

Although Maya Jama’s parents didn’t quite have time with her together, her mother was particularly supportive of her.

From an early age, Maya’s mother supported her daughter’s passion for acting.

Maya’s mother would frequently take her to regional theater productions and dance lessons while she was a kid, and she frequently put on impromptu performances for her family and friends.

These encounters cultivated Maya’s love of theater and put her on the road to becoming a TV host.

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The parents of Maya Jama have had a big influence on who she is today.

Maya’s mother supported her love of performing and assisted her in building the self-confidence necessary to thrive in the entertainment industry despite the difficulties of growing up, where her mother had to take sole responsibility for her as her father was not around.

Maya was similarly motivated to follow her own creative passions and embrace diversity in all facets of her life by the love of music and the diverse cultural heritage of her father.

Maya Jama’s parents are a testament to the strength of love, support, and encouragement and surely played a significant role in the development of one of the most gifted and well-liked television presenters in the UK.


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