Maybe Tracy Gave Birth To Another Girl Or Adopted The Baby She’s Holding– Flashback To When The Couple Denied Reports

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Earlier in January this year, there were reports that Sarkodie and his wife, Tracy had welcomed a new baby in the family, a boy the several reports on blogs disclosed but the rapper and his wife debunked the news.

One of the prominent bloggers who reported this news was Ameyaw Debrah but Sarkodie publicly debunked his report after he replied to his tweet with “Not true big man….” a single statement that forced Ameyaw to quickly delete the tweet and news article….Perhaps he couldn’t stand the embarrassment.

sarkodie wedding pictures

I mean it hurts to publish a somewhat positive story about a big artiste and for the artiste in question to publicly tell the whole world, “He’s f*cking lying, he’s making all this up just for traffic”.(Okay Sarkodie didn’t tweet that, but that was the impression he created in the minds of most people who saw that tweet on Twitter.

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His wife even joined in and tweeted..”SMH… Such a slow news day I guess”.

And those tweets somewhat re-affirmed the notion people have about bloggers in the country that, they enjoy creating fake news for traffic.

Well, Ameyaw Debrah and other bloggers who reported that gossip have somewhat been vindicated today after photos of Sarkodie and Tracy carrying a baby at the airport leaked.

Sarkodie and his family were stuck in London as the borders were closed because of coronavirus at the time they wanted to come back home but have now been able to return after the government made some arrangements for Ghanaians who wanted to come back home.

One thing is certain–There was some iota of truth in the earlier reports made by bloggers back then in January.

Maybe Tracy gave birth to another girl, reason why when bloggers said Tracy had given birth to a boy, the couple denied the reports.

Or maybe, she wasn’t due yet at the time the reports were made.

All we know is Tracy certainly gave birth this year in London and whether the baby is a girl or a boy doesn’t matter that much, the bloggers were not wrong after all.

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