Medikal Announces Dinner Date With 50 Meditants

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Ghanaian rapper, Medikal has announced that he’s having dinner with some selected fans of his.

Medikal announced on Twitter Friday that he will, on the 1st of February, have dinner with 50 of his fans at the Noble House.

Medikal has over the years built some fanbase for himself with his rap dexterity, and to reward them for supporting him all this while, he has decided that they need some treatment, though not all of them would get the opportunity to dine with their star.

50 lucky fans will thus get the opportunity to meet the La Hustle hitmaker on February 1 at Noble House. He said that he is elated to be announcing the dinner date with the lucky 50.

“I’m happy to announce that on the 1st of February I will be having dinner with 50 Meditants at Noble House. Please tag any big fan of mine ASAP !” Medikal tweeted.

You’re a big meditant? You got the opportunity to meet your star!


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