Meet Alo Ways The 3 Cousins Who Have Formed A Music Group

alo ways
Alo Ways: Left is Cool Fella, Middle Is Cuzzn and Right is Kofi Gh

In my course of work as an entertainment blogger, I come across different people and it’s amazing to discover people with such unique talents. I am a fan of music, and I like to listen to good music irrespective of the language or genre of the music. Once, it’s something that I can enjoy, I would listen to it.

Over the years, we’ve seen several big music groups break up for reasons which they don’t normally make known to the public. In as much as music groups continue to break, it doesn’t stop new ones from springing up.

I have had the chance to discover a new music group and I must say they are going to take over soon if they keep their game on and remain united.

So are these new guys and what’s so special about them?

These new guys are repleted with an great music talent and they are known as Alo Ways. Yes! Alo Ways is music group formed by 3 cousins who started as individual musicians but later decided to come together as one because they are FAMILY and they felt, they could be more united because they’ve known each other since childhood.

I was bemused as to why they chose the name ALO Way’s as their  music group name but they disclosed to me that “Alo Ways’ meant ‘No Formula’ as they don’t stick to one specific genre of music. 

alo ways
Alo Ways……

We don’t have a specific genre of music. We like to call what we do “No formula”. We do Random Music. We try to cut across into all genres. It could be hip hop today, Afro music tomorrow or even Jazz next week.” they said

These guys are really passionate about music and have 17 songs so far, from which they have dancehall, afro and hip pop. They however, mentioned that it’s just two out of the 17 that’s out and they are working hard to promote them before releasing the rest.

We are even currently working on a Kwaito song with a South African Producer” they revealed.

All 3 members who are cousins as I mentioned earlier are all 24 years and graduated from the University in 2014.

They grew up listening to the likes of Amakye Dede & Kojo Antwi and tag them as legends in the music industry. Interestingly, Alo Ways identified Sarkodie, R2bees & Shatta Wale as the greatest artists of all time.

alo ways
Alo Ways: Left is Cool Fella, Middle Is Cuzzn and Right is Kofi Gh

Alo Ways is a budding music group right now in Ghana and their appearance, style of music and eagerness to storm the international stage makes them unique. These new guys posses soo much adroitness in the way they compose their music and even go to the extend of adding french to some of the lyrics.

They are here to stay and have disclosed that, not even Satan can separate them. They will united as a group till the end of time. Trust to bring you more on this new group in a subsequent article.

We know we didn’t add their song yet, but we will do so in our next article on them. They have this one titled “Make Love” and you can’t resist downloading it and even setting it as your ringtone. Stick and stay.

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